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Wood Cleaning

Get the best Wood restoration service for your wooden property

Woodwork is gorgeous but with time, they tend to lose its shine and lustre. We can help you restore your prized wood fences, decks and other wood surfaces to their former glory. We have an eye for the finer points and can help you restore wooden structures to their former glory.

Take advantage of our expertise and let us fix your high-end wood fences, decks and other wood surfaces in your home. We have professionals who are capable of giving you a satisfying result. These are the restoration services we will offer..

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Overview of our wood restoration process

In many cases, wood fences, decks and other wood surfaces can be fixed and refinished right where it’s needed, be it at home or work. Every wood repair or restoration project starts with a thorough cleaning, but from there, the steps taken depend on the piece being worked on and the extent of the damage. The following is more or less the standard procedure, though.

The wood fences and decks and other wood surfaces are examined thoroughly, both for obvious flaws and for any underlying structural issues.

First, we inspect the damage and decide which wood cleaning and restoration process is best.


As soon as the object has been restored, it can undergo its final finishing process.

Infinity Pressure Washing Wood Restoration

Let us help you with wood care and cleaning

Our restoration process is uncomplicated, short on time, highly efficient, and kind to the environment.

Your wood fences, decks and other wood surfaces will receive the best restoration process that will ensure it lasts for many years before needing another restoration.

It’s crucial to maintain your wood fences, decks and other wood surfaces. Our Infinity Pressure Washing company will provide you with wood fences, decks and other wood surfaces restoration services.

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Get a free estimate on our wood restoration service from our experts by contacting us today. Cleaning services are provided in Anna, Celina, Frisco, Melissa, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Richardson, Van Alstyne, and Surrounding Areas. To reach us by phone at (469)-737-0295, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.